1. Journal of Neuroscience

    Assessing spontaneous categorical processing of visual shapes via frequency-tagging EEG

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    Order and change in art: towards an active inference account of aesthetic experience

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  3. Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B

    Aesthetics and predictive processing: grounds and prospects of a fruitful encounter

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  4. Journal of Health Communication

    The Facts or the Story? It Takes Both to Sensitize People About Unknown Health Hazards

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    Insight in the conspiracist's mind

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    Preferences need inferences: Learning, valuation, and curiosity in aesthetic experience

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  7. Trends in Cognitive Sciences

    Autism and intolerance of uncertainty: An ill-fitting pair

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  8. Current Opinion in Psychology

    Mental distress through the prism of predictive processing theory

    Van de Cruys, S., & van Dessel, P.

  9. Autism Research

    Structural and contextual priors affect visual search in children with and without autism

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  10. Cognition

    Visual affects: Linking curiosity, aha-Erlebnis, and memory through information gain

    Van de Cruys, S., Damiano, C., Boddez, Y., Król, M., Goetschalckx, L., & Wagemans,J.

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    Autistische breinen praten over het autistische brein

    Bervoets, J., Van de Cruys, S.

  12. Karakter Tijdschrift van Wetenschap

    De ontsnapping uit de donkere kamer

  13. Trends in Cognitive Sciences

    Controlled optimism

    Van de Cruys, S., Friston, K.J., & Clark, A.

  14. Karakter Tijdschrift van Wetenschap

    De opkomst van het orakelend brein

    Van de Cruys, S.

  15. Behavioral and Brain Sciences

    The dark side of thinking through other minds

    Van de Cruys, S., & Heylighen, F.

  16. Acta Psychologica

    Like what you see: Generalization of social learning determines art appreciation

    Boddez, Y., Descheemaeker, M., Mertens, G., Truyts, A., Van de Cruys, S.

  17. Cognitive Neuroscience

    Explaining hyper-sensitivity and hypo-responsivity in autism with a common predictive coding-based mechanism

    Van de Cruys, S., Perrykkad, K. & Hohwy, J.

  18. Scientific Reports

    Intact perceptual bias in autism contradicts the decreased normalization model

    Van de Cruys, S., Vanmarcke, S., Steyaert, J., Wagemans, J.

  19. Wetenschappelijk Tijdschrift Autisme

    Omgaan met onzekerheid binnen autisme

    Van de Cruys, S., Evers, K., Wagemans, J.

  20. Neuroscience of Consciousness

    In the interest of saving time - a critique of discrete perception

    Fekete, T., Van de Cruys, S., Ekroll, V., van Leeuwen, C.

  21. Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging

    Sensory prediction errors are less modulated by global context in autism spectrum disorder

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    Precise worlds for certain minds: An ecological perspective on the relational self in autism

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  23. Clinical Psychological Science

    The use of prior knowledge for perceptual inference is preserved in ASD

    Van de Cruys, S., Vanmarcke, S., Van de Put, I., Wagemans, J.

  24. Scientific Reports

    Intact animacy perception during chase detection in ASD

    Vanmarcke, S., Van de Cruys, S., Moors, P., Wagemans, J.

  25. Behavioral and Brain Sciences

    Tuning in to art: A predictive processing account of negative emotion in art

    Van de Cruys, S., Chamberlain, R., Wagemans, J.

  26. Vision Research

    Local-global processing bias is not a unitary individual difference in visual processing

    Chamberlain, R., Van der Hallen, R., Huygelier, H., Van de Cruys, S., & Wagemans, J.

  27. Philosophy and Predictive Processing

    Affective value in the predictive mind

    Van de Cruys, S.

  28. Trends in Neurosciences

    Circadian-time sickness: Time-of-day cue-conflicts directly affect health

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    Disentangling signal and noise in autism spectrum disorder

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    Precise minds in uncertain worlds: Predictive coding in autism

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    Weak priors versus overfitting of predictions in autism: Reply to Pellicano and Burr (TICS 2012)

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    An anxiety-induced bias in the perception of a bistable point-light walker

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    Putting reward in art: A tentative prediction error account of visual art

    Van de Cruys, S., Wagemans, J.

  34. Gestalt Theory

    Gestalts as predictions: Some reflections and an application to art

    Van de Cruys, S., Wagemans, J.

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