I’m a postdoctoral researcher in Antwerp Social Lab at the University of Antwerp. I previously worked in the Brain & Cognition Unit at the University of Leuven on the GestaltReVision project. You can contact me here.

One of the reasons I get up in the morning (or rather: stay up late at night) is to gain fundamental insight in the sane and insane mind, and in the brain that realizes it. In my scientific work I’m guided by the view of the brain as a prediction engine, continuously and proactively anticipating and constructing the experienced world. I like how this view has deep consequences for the interplay between cognition and emotion. More on this in my academic publications.

My other, intersecting fascination is with internet technology and the new possibilities (and challenges) it holds in connecting people to each other and to useful, reliable information. I’m particularly interested in how humans interact with increasingly intelligent (so predictive) technology, and in how this interaction (re)ignites questions about what it means to be human. I love to write about these topics, both for laymen and expert audiences. My fallible efforts in doing so are recorded on these pages…